Where are the Men?

About the Film
The film 'Where are the men?' discusses the importance of involving men in family planning and reproductive health for advancement of women's health and development in Afghanistan. Afghan women require men's permission for the most basic activities: to leave the house, seek health care, or use contraceptives.

Afghanistan has the second highest maternal mortality rate and one of the highest fertility rates in the world. One of the most critical and deeply-rooted obstacles to family planning is uninformed men. In many areas of the country, men are unaware or object to family planning.

Family Health Alliance (FHA) designed a program to train male health providers, doctors and nurses, to promote and expand birth spacing and contraceptive use among their male patients. This program was initially deemed controversial. Many believed Afghan men are not ready to get involved in women’s reproductive health. However, the success of FHA's programs led to policy changes which include men in family planning/reproductive health training. Momentum to enhance woman's status in Afghanistan through participation of men has started. We need to take advantage of this opportunity to move forward and expand women's health and rights. This film provides an opportunity for education and discussion of this issue. This is especially relevant in a time when the majority of representatives in the House of Representatives is posing a significant threat to international family planning and reproductive health funding and services and have launched significant attacks on women's reproductive health and rights here in the US and abroad.

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