Where are the Men?

Film Reviews (STUDENTS)

"Very powerful video!"

​"Provided a look at programming from a cultural lens that I found helpful." 

"I thoroughly enjoyed this video. Not only did I learn a great deal, but also I was very moved to hopefully spread the word."

"This was a very interesting perspective that I had not seen before."

"The film is well organized and has a very important message. The message is clean and well-delivered too."

"Takes a unique viewpoint in seeing that helping to educate and involve men more in the resolution of the issue is a necessary step in reducing the mortality rate."

"Will definitely recommend this video in Women's Studies classes."

"Maternal health should be taught as an Afghani value separate from Western goals and funding, so that as awareness is raised among voting men, they can support the movement without feeling that they are adopting the values of those who have brought further conflict to their country."

"Excellent introduction to the issue."

"My initial response to the video is how poignant the gender inequality in Afghanistan is ..."

"One of the most striking parts of the documentary was the young woman who stated her husband's reaction to contraceptives, "No worthy woman would ever ask for contraception...that is for the prostitutes."

"Throughout the movie it became very clear that providing men with education surrounding women's health and advocating for women is the only way to reduce the maternal mortality rate. When it comes down to it, organizations can offer as many services as they want, but if women can't access these services there will never be a change."

"It was moving and clearly explained the obstacles...Clearly the attitudes of men need to change ASAP."

"This film is great but would like for it to be longer!!! Good job" 

"Very informative and eye opening."

"In America, there is a fear of “Afghanistan” because of the war and the propaganda against Afghanistan, avid this was a great reality check into how women all over the world, regardless of where, deserve and need help."

"I really like the overall theme of the movie: both women and men need to be contributors for a movement."

"Very effective and educational film! I was particularly moved by the story of the girl in black who related her story of being beaten and unable to use contraception."

"I never really knew that any of these issues existed. Thank you for your amazing video and sharing the plight of Afghani women with the world!"Very effective and educational film! I was particularly moved by the story of the girl in black who related her story of being beaten and unable to use contraception."

"Great film! Would definitely benefit in a classroom setting. This was much better and more forceful than hearing it from just a lecture."

"The film 'Where are the Men' allowed me a glimpse into the world of a 17 year old girl in circumstances I never could have imagined. This movie first broke my heart and then opened my eyes. In the mist of studying for my finals, I was no longer stressed. All of my problems were minuscule in comparison."

"I appreciate the lens at which your documentary portrays the RSH and human rights position in a patriarchal society."

”After my graduate studies, including your film, I realize the importance of involving men in the conversation to inform and catalyze action."

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