Where are the Men?

Film Reviews
"The documentary is completely true - men need to see the value of women before any substantial change can be made...We were moved by the interviews of Afghan women and their stories of personal suffering."
- Critique Committee, The 2012 Rochester International Film Festival  

"The film is thought-provoking, well-done, and worthy of the awards received."
- Floretta Lauber, Former Mayor, City of Arcadia, CA

"The film helped students to learn more about global health issues for women and the importance of international family planning; it generated a lot of discussion and was a good jumping off point for other public health topics."
- Carol P. Cotton, Professor, University of Georgia

"Thank you for allowing me to use this in my class. I find the video to be very instructive."
- Karen F. Corsi, Professor, University of Colorado Denver

"You left the students with a strong impression about the significance of health work on the ground and among the poor, illiterate and underdeveloped communities. Your empathy and respectful approach to the needs and realities of those poor, yet dignified Afghan women and men was very educational and instructive."
Nayereh Tohidi, Professor, California State University Northridge

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